CBN ex-dep gov claims world powers behind nation’s woes


Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Obadiah Mailafia, has said there are strong indications that some world powers have vested interest in the collapse of the country. He said if Nigeria were another country, the world would have risen to its defence, given the alarming level of genocide going on within.

Mailafia spoke, yesterday, in a Zoom meeting organised by Africa Leadership Group tagged, ‘Is Nigeria A failed State’, hosted by Senior Pastor of Trinity House Church, Lagos, Ituah Ighodalo.

He said the current constitution of the country must be done away with, describing it as a fraud. He also urged Christians in Nigeria to fast and pray until the National Assembly and the Presidency agree to a constitutional review.

He said: “If Nigeria were a different country, maybe like Ghana or South Africa, the world would have risen up. I suspect some world powers have a vested interest in Nigeria collapsing. They are quiet. There is massive silence on what is happening. It is a serious humanitarian tragedy.

“I have heard that France is one of the people sponsoring terrorists and this is because France regards Nigeria as its enemy in West Africa. Not minding that Macron came for his internship in Nigeria. He knows Nigeria, in and out. It’s so sad to hear that France is one of the sponsors. The world is governed by greed, love for power and influence.

“Some of the foreign agencies that are linked to Boko Haram will surprise you. I have been a student of European diplomacy. The world has been governed by greed, naked struggle for power, influence and natural resources. This is what has governed the world. None of these world powers are comfortable seeing another nation particularly from Africa arise and challenge them.

“I asked help from a German, that if Nigeria implodes, they wouldn’t contain the sea of emigrants. He said, ‘don’t scare me. We need those intelligent Nigerians. Our labour shortages are very serious and we are having enough children again. If Nigeria collapses, it to our advantage.”

He added: “Anytime I hear the name ‘bandits’, whoever pronounces it, I associate him with the killers as well, because bandits don’t attack military establishments, they don’t bring down jet fighters. It is terrorists who do. And by calling them bandits, we are literally, unconsciously identifying with and justifying their wicked acts. They are not bandits; they are terrorists, who deserve no sympathy, who deserve no human rights. They have killed, maimed and raped.

“Two days ago, Governor Zulum announced that more than 450,000 North East people have gone missing. If people have been missing for several years, you can imagine what their predicaments are. The damage is not only in loss of life and infrastructure but also in the psyche of Nigerians. A whole generation has been traumatised by these wicked atrocities.”

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