I never knew my GIRLFRIEND I dated for 3 years had died long before I even met her

unbelievable moment was when I discovered that the girl I was dating for 3 years had died long before I even met her. Samuel as people call me was looking for love for many years, I prayed and wished to find a girl that will love me so much.

I lived in my own house as I was planning on dating before I get married, one Saturday morning, after returning from a meeting, I saw a lady, she was beautiful like an angel, had glowing eyes, I stopped to ask her name, she told me Kate, Kate indeed was beautiful, I instantly felt like being with her. So, we exchanged numbers, and started meeting, I brought her to my house, she showed me love, and I told myself that I have found a woman, she was always there for me, but one thing odd about her is that she barely goes out with me, I never knew why little did I know she had died long before I met her.

I introduced her to my family members, our love grew stronger, in two years, we started planning on names we will give to our kids, and how many we intend to have. We had fun together, and till now, I wish she wasn’t who she was. One day, in the 3rd year, and 4 months of meeting her, I met a male friend, he introduced me to a new business, and so I thought to invite him to my home for breakfast, while I told my girlfriend to cook a meal.

On that day, when my friend whose name is Michael entered, he sat in the sitting room as I called in my girlfriend to bring our meal when she came out, I saw the unbelievable, my girlfriend saw Michael, as he stared at her and shouted Jesus, and the plate and food she held fell straight to the ground, she ran into the kitchen, and I never saw again, I checked the whole kitchen for hours like I was looking for a pin, but could not find her, then my friend told me that she was his colleague at workplace 4 years ago, and she had died from a fatal accident, as he was present on the day of her burial. I fell down, and wept from being with her for 3 years, as I never knew about that. Could I have dated a ghost, I asked myself many times.

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